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It gives you the ability to blaze trails and play an active role in collaborative and social events. The only proviso is not to choose the 13th to go bungee-jumping or rally driving. Chiron in Aries is the teacher and mentor and this keeps your revolutionary fervour ablaze.

Aries Horoscope 12222 Overview

Consider how or where in life you want to step forward this month, whether to help others or play a leading role. Think about your physical body too because Aries rules the body.

The stronger you are, the more stamina you have. This could be a year when you decide to get fit, do strength training or run a marathon. Not every Aries individual will be climbing the ramparts to declare a revolution but you do have a real chance now to instigate change in your life. Also, this month, you have allies on your side.

Aries Horoscope for February 12222

Your partner planet, Venus, enters Capricorn and your career and vocation sector on the 3rd, where she remains until the beginning of March. Look out for a woman in a position of influence who can help you make progress. Get the right people working for you and use your connections.

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One woman in particular could prove to be extremely supportive if you allow her to do things her way. Notice what happens on the 18th and 23rd of the month. This is a good month to be social too, especially earlier on. Talk planet Mercury is in Aquarius and your friendship sector until the 10th and the Sun remains in Aquarius until the 18th. Plus, the New Moon on the 4th lights up the friends and group sector of your horoscope.

Join in with other people, make new friends, catch up with old friends and be out in the world.

This stimulates all areas of your life, personal and professional. You are encouraged to take the pace a little slower later in the month once Mercury and the Sun change star signs. They move into Pisces and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the 10th and 18th respectively. This is your cue to do less not more and take some time out if possible.

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  6. Although you will be in a carefree mood, do not neglect your professional duties. The boss looks at you carefully, so show him that you deserve a promotion or a raise. Remember, however, not to grumble in front of your superiors because no one likes to be overcome. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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