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Yet ali who knew Mnrll'Ill"! It usually denotes someone whose emotions are well love for her daughter and the Hausfrau streak in her, rClllizt, ' :I controlled, who is not influenced by his environment and generally strong 4th house was at work. And by observing Muhammad Ali WI. Every human being has feelings, and so does can feel that behind the facade of "I am the greatest" is a curinK illHI the person who lacks water planets, but these people express their even emotional human being.

Other examples are enlcrluimr feelings on a diflerent level. Jeffrey MacDonald, accused of stabbing his two children and wife to death, has no water and no planets in houses One of the most interesting phenomena of the lack of an element of endings. He seemed very controlled and unemotional throughout is to be found when the lacking element occupies the Ascendant. His The over-compensation seems total, and the entire outer personality chart is below. Other Lat. The Lack of a Quality in the Horoscope. There are four elements but only three qualities, thus you are less likely to find persons lacking a quality and the corresponding house position to compensate for this lack - but there are some.

If a quality is missing by planetary position but is placed on the If you rethink the basic keywords for the qualities you can imagine Ascendant, as we saw in those lacking a certain element, the what might happen if some quality is totally lacking in a horoscope. If individual again seems to overcompensate for this lack. Actress the cardinal quality is absent, the cardinal initiative, action, quickness, Barbra Streisand has no cardinal planets but a cardinal Aries pioneering spirit, ambition and ardor gives way to "Let George do it! See her chart on page On the other hand, if this person has the The fixed individual is one who is stable, resolute, fixed in his possibility for creative endeavor or spiritual involvement, he can go ways, perhaps a bit stubborn, but loyal and reliable.

He achieves slowly further than many others who are so busy doing that they allow but surely. When the fixed quality is lacking the person may lack themselves too little time to be. Lindbergh's baby kidnapper Bruno in the ability to see things through. He may have guts, daring and Hauptmann whose chart is below was a good example of the "Nothing great ideas, but someone else usually has to finish what he starts.

Yet, ever goes right for me" type. A Browning are some examples. This may indicate that This entails the reverse procedure from the way we handled the the person is very dependable and one-directional, often to the point elements and qualities. To compensate for any lacks in the Houses of of being a bore, too set in many ways and demanding that others be Life, Substance, Relationships and Endings, look to the elements. On the other hand, the mutable signs as a group are ver Lacks of planets in angular, succedent or cadent houses are helped by involved with others, in fact nearly dependent on them; if that need is planets in cardinal, fixed or mutable signs.

A lack of house emphasis absent, it frees the individual to be his own person, to grow and evolve is not as important as lacks of an element or quality, but they should in his own way without worrying what others say or think. A very be observed, since any lack indicates a certain imbalance. See below. Also, writer Romain Rolland and composer or idealism, or even a certain difficulty in planning for the future. Camille Saint-Saens are fine examples. Mter all, we are talking of the 1st, 5th and 9th houses. Heiress Patty Hearst serves as an example.

See her chart below. With the 2nd, 6th and lOth howw! Therefore he could be the eternal bachelor or she the may be catapulted into a career by circumstances l"aUlI'1" Illun diligent spinster , or more often, persons more interested in their career or preparation. Name Zelda Fitzgerald No Houses of! You can find her chal't Lwlow. I,aek or plam'l. Yet a certain balance is missing, see Benito Mussolini's horolwlllH' The lack would show in such areas as adaptability, versatility chart below.

Despite three fIxed planets and a fIxed Ascendant, this or nJulllhty. Agood example is Prince Charles of segment and all above the horizon, looking for power. Engl whose chart is below as well as horoscopes of' attorney M! November 14, Houses AA Italy os! OW10 Lat. The Unaspected Planet A totally unaspected planet is nearly impossible to fInd; however, a planet lacking what we call major aspects to it conjunctions, sextiles, squares, quincunxes, trines and oppositions does exist, and when it does, the pattern generated is most interesting.

Do not conclude that such a planet is weak, because it does not integrate with the rest of the chart. This solo performance can sometimes The Moon shows your emotions, feelings, needs, habits and be exhausting, but it is rarely dull! A great deal depends upon which instincts. When unaspected, if the rest of the chart confirms this, it ofthe planets is unaspected, the sign it is in and the house it occupies.

Nothing stands in your way as much as your emotions. They prevent you rom thinking clearly, The Sun representing your individuality, inner self and the from showing your love and affection for fear of being rejected and heart of the chart, without aspects to other planets will manifest in from pursuing your goals for fear of hurting others or failing, and, of several ways, aU of them very important, becam:;e this is the Inner course, many other things.

By not becoming emotionally involved you You we are talking about. If You stand by yourself, alone, and whatever may miss out on the most important aspect of life - namely truly you do is done without encumbrance or worry about others, then the relating to another human being. However, all practical areas of life other parts of yourself - such as your thinking, feeling, ambitions, will be much easier to fulfill without emotional trauma or hang-ups.

Within you are wha1. You may work hard at it, but it will lie relatively easy Moon in his 8th house. In his case, the rest of his chart confirms the because nothing and nobody can stop you. Queen Elt'zubdh II who dlive for concrete achievements and the ability to succeed since he has dared to be human though a queen, independent. See his chart below and interestingly enough, his wife Joanne Woodward, Robyn's chart below. When Mercury stands alone, Mohandas Gandhi's chart on page Gandhi, lovingly known as unaspected, the entire thinking process is detached from the rest of "Mahatma," has a 1st house unaspected Mercury in Scorpio.

This the horoscope or you. You may be a bundle of emotional misery helps us understand the tremendous ability he had to put mind sitting in a corner crying while your mind will be saying: ''Well, well. In the middle of a romantic independence with calmness and wisdom. If Mercury is in one of the reasonable or Venus the planet of affection, values and social urges, when it mental signs air and earth , the direction will be logical, cool and lacks the ability to integrate, can go one of two ways. You may pursue collected. If it is in a transitory fire or emotional water sign, it can your goals and objectives without a need for love and affection, at times become too much for you to handle and you either blow your detached and self-sufficient similar to an unaspected Moon but more stack or the nervous system suffers.

You could benefit greatly from obvious since the emotions are somewhat hidden, whereas affections meditation or yoga which gives the mind a chance to rest once in a are visible in the outer behavior pattern. Or, you may feel a constant while. Prominent persons having Mercury unaspected are educator need to give and receive love and affection, but at the same time, Maria Montessori, with a Libran Mercury in the 2nd house, and regardless of how much is given or received, you still feel unloved, writer Alessandro Manzoni's Mercury in Aquarius in the 11th house of unwanted and alone.

We find examples of both types among the great Uranian uniqueness. To illustrate a horoscope where the famous. Actor Mickey Rooney with Venus in Libra kept changing. Jean Jupiter takes us into another realm. We move away from the Claude-Rilly, the famous French skier and athlete, who has Venus in very personal planets into a more general area. Jupiter and Saturn Virgo in his 2nd house, is self-sufficient and satisfied with his own stand between the personal and the transcendental planets, between value system - mostly money. See Rooney's chart on page However, Jupiter represents one factor of life which is important to Mars symbolizes energy, drive, action and initiative.

When personal growth, namely the ability to expand and use the higher these attributes work alone, they often become too much of a good mind in such areas as ideas and ideals, philosophy, and religion. When thing. You can burn the candle at both ends and thus burn yourself out Jupiter is unaspected, you frequently form your own beliefs and mental very quickly. When Mars is in a passive sign, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, images at an early age.

You may seem unorthodox to your peers, even Capricorn, Pisces it helps. These people often are the explorers, outre, especially since you do not seem to care what others think. If pioneers, inventors, and overdoers who can scare others away with your horoscope indicates ambition, and you wish to grow and expand, their intensity. Janis Joplin fits this description very well.

See her you will do it in your own way regardless of the morals and mores of chart below. So do actor Rock Hudson and explorer Roald Amundson. In a chart that is otherwise well integrated, this can signify an exciting individual who has new thoughts to offer a hungry world. However, in an already difficult horoscope, it can lead to Jupiterian excesses and Jupiter's placement can make a difference. It represents the urge for security and safety, a sense of responsibility, your ambition and ego drive. It is the symbolic teacher and taskmaster needed so you don't overstep your boundaries.

When unaspected, Saturn can indicate an individual who is too demanding. Nothing is ever good enough, you must constantly try harder and even that will not suffice. The result can be a very lonely human being, so self-disciplined that life offers no joys or pleasures, only work and duty. If the rest of the chart is light and mutable, Saturn becomes helpful by directing the person and this would be interpreted as beneficial, but in a sensitive and tension-prone horoscope, an over bearing unaspected Saturn can be quite difficult to handle.

Senator Ted Kennedy has an unaspected Saturn and both he and his family make tremendous demands on him. So, at times, he tries to escape, but never for long since duty represented by Saturn calls him back again and again. See his chart on page Name Ted Kennedy, Sr. Neptune brings out whatever creativity, pil'ituality, artistic ability, as well as con man possibility that has lr Cldy become evident and this may propel you into the limelight when you start tuning in.

Pluto, the planet oftransformation, is a1 0 the planet of the masses, mass appeal for good or bad. As you b'ome aware of Pluto's strength and intensity, you will begin to stand out in a crowd as somebody to be reckoned with, as did Presidents J hn F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford. See Kennedy's chart on page These three transcendental planets cannot be interpreted in the same vein as our previous delineations.

Human beings are mostly shaped by circumstance and f events in their earliest years. Childhood environment, parental attitude, siblings - these are all determining factors that influence how we handle ourselves in later years. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very far from Earth, very impersonal, abstract planets, and as children we rarely tune in to their vibrations - not knowingly at least.

Even an Aquarius child will be more attuned to Saturn, a Pisces child to Jupiter, and a Scorpio child to Mars than to their modern rulers. Whatever significance there is seems to be on its least evolved level. Some of the Pluto intensity rubs off on the Scorpio child; the Aquarian child may be a bit more original or rebellious than a truly Saturn-ruled person, and the Piscean child more imaginative or dreamy, but that seems to be as far as it goes.

Thus, these planets standing alone and unaspected will only be symbolically important 21 Yl Way to LearN Astrofog. This lack of a specific aspect is not too Jl. Any time something is missing in the horoscope, you feel it. The question then becomes, are you able to replace this lack with something else? Can you still cope despite this lack? Lack of Squares If you go back to the basics of any aspect and use the flat chart as a guide, you realize that the square is really Aries versus Cancer or Aries versus Capricorn. Fiery, "I" oriented Aries is squarely placed against gentle and watery Cancer.

But what does Q water do to fire? It puts it out. How does Aries feel when someone tries n to eliminate him? He gets mad, mad enough to do something about it. What about quiet, down-to-earth but ambitious Capricorn versus hot and heady Aries? What does earth do to fire? HI flllIch as you want. Some famous people lacking in the Zodiac, feels he has to fight back or be extinguished. That is squares arc aviut. After nil, Aries is represented by Mars it's fun to be alive. The tensions or apprehensions that others innately and Libra by VenuR, and what can be more fun than pairing fiery feel seem to be absent.

Since no square ever pressures you into over Mars and charming Vcnu:;. Therefore the opposition teaches you to coming obstacles, you choose to ignore all difficulties and happily live become aware or o. There is only one problem, when real trouble own needs too.

Libra needi'l Aries to stop procrastinating, so together they can facing a problem and unless your chart offers other strong points benefit by each other's polarities. Name Charles A. This t. AI" to relate to others is not innately there and has to be learned on the one door c1ol:i 'H, t. The conjunction stands for the hard road of experience. Ifthut ["rolling is lacking, the person may scatter their energies understanding of others, including business or marriage partners.

Yet a good square can compensate for the lack. When suddenly faced with the fact that something is amiss, they truly Actresses Jam' I'ondu and Mia Farrow, poetJplaywright Gabriell do not know what the partner is talking about. Other examples are while Scorpio is passive, fIxed and water. Everything is different. Again Aries is put on the defensive because Lack of Conjunctions There are many charts without earth and water threaten his fIre. But the aspect is not angular; there conjunctions. Virgo's 6th house. People lacking quincunxes in the chart may not even know compensatory factors are easy to find.

If both sextiles and trines what it feels like to adjust to someone else's needs or wishes. They are lacking, the tension and challenge may become too much and the may have an occasional twinge of discomfort, as if they know that erson gives up and does little or nothing, or tries to find another easy something is expected of them, but they don't quite know what, way which at times can mean indulging in criminal acts. Some famous because basically they think only of their own feelings. Orson Welles, whose chart is on page Many charts lack one or the other and Beatrix of Holland.

The so-called hard aspects give you the push necessary to achieve while trines bring ease and flow and sextiles the opportunities to make good use of the hard aspects. Sextiles and trines serve as excellent outlets for the tensions manifested by the harder aspects. Configurations handle.

Cardinul st.

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But in onh'r t. Yet, configurations are one of the most oppositions fol' that matter, need an outlet, a flow to or from one of important components to consider in delineating a horoscope. In the planets involved; this can be a trine or a sextile. Without an outlet, Volume One we briefly described some of the major configurations.

By the cardinal Cl'O:';S with its constant need for motion can work itself into configuration we mean: three or more planets joined together by exhaustion. For example, two both have c"u'dlnal grand crosses.

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In Joan Sutherland's horoscope page we find Venus The fixed grand cross is the most difficult of all three to handle. If you were to draw good foundation on which to build. They need to be self-motivated, lines to show these aspects you would end up with a perfect "T.

Therefore, if there is no flow to the fixed cross, Assume that she also has a planet in her 4th house in the early the individual can become repressed or emotionally frustrated. To degrees of Leo Neptune in her horoscope is out of orb , then she would overcome some of these frustrations, hobbies can be helpful.

Medical have another kind of configuration, called a grand cross or grand missionary Albert Schweitzer see his chart below , dancer Martha square. Again, if you connect these points you will see that it looks Graham and authorfbroadcast journalist Charles Kuralt had fixed like a cross - Mars opposing Venus and the Midheaven opposing some grand crosses. In this case we are dealing with a fixed Name Albert Schweitzer Fixed Grand Source T-square or fixed grand cross, for all ofthe points are in fixed signs.

In the T-square three planets and three houses are tied together; as Place Kayserberg, Ger midnight" 19 53 A one acts, the other two are automatically involved. In fact we have Long. All planets and houses involved are tied together, working in tandem whether or not they are compatible. The Grand Cross With the grand cross or grand square you are dealing with four planets and four houses. Four planets are interrelating and involving four areas of life and possibly ruling some other houses or arenas.

By pulling in so many facets of the chart, it can become a most important, even overpowering, factor in a horoscope.

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Since the grand cross involves four squares and two oppositions, we are talking about a person capable of tremendous effort and activity. How this effort or activity takes place depends on which quality and which houses are involved. Cardinal crosses produce quick action, fixed crosses are more deliberate in their actions and mutable crosses depend much on the action and reaction of others.

No one can be constantly active, therefore the cardinal grand cross is often compared to a windmill; capable of tremendous output 1 and action when the wind blows, but rather idle in between. Of the three qualities, the cardinal grand cross i : probably the easiest to 19'y If it is the Moon, you are quite susceptible mutable signs: indecision, scattering of energies or working at cross to the mood of the moment, as was "The Doors" singer, Jim Morrison. Where the fixed sign people depend on themselves, the With Mercury you are able to rationalize and handle events in a cool and mutable sign people may allow the courses of their lives to be dictated collected manner like scientist Linus Pauling.

If Venus is the arm, by others. Flexible, they may bend to the wishes of other people, partners, you might seek some means of profiting by the situation, or, if the effort relations, and friends. Undecided, they often ask for everyone's advice is too great, just give up. Actor Jack Nicholson is one good example. Flowing aspects can lead to a very With the Sun there, you generally throw yourself into the pleasant life, since getting along lies in the art of compromise. Without situation heart and soul like poetJplaywright Gabrielle D'Annunzio.

Two examples Mars supplies plenty of energy to cope with whatever you might need of famous personalities with mutable grand crosses are General to face, but you may blow up and accomplish nothing. Muhammed Ali is a case in point of the positive use of this planet. With Jupiter you may enlarge or embroider the situation, but basically The T-Square treat it as an adventure. When Saturn is the focal point, you approach situations with T-square involves two squares and one opposition. Just as the grand great caution, but patience and innate shrewdness allow you to come cross is integrated at four corners, the T-square has the ability to balance out a winner.

Queen Elizabeth of England who carries out great the two opposing planets, but the third planet is left dangling by itself. It squares two planets but has no opposition and becomes a dynamic focal point of the configuration, usually reflecting self-drive. Whereas Name George S. Patton Cardinal Source oppositions are concerned with relationships, the square seeks action. Square AA called, assumes great importance. The cardinal T-square is dynamic, quick and immediate.

Positively used, you are dependable and strong in all emergencies. The fixed T-square works in a slow and deliberate way; major problems are researched before action is taken. Unless some trine or sextile gives flow to the configuration, you can be rigid in your approach, dogmatic and unbending. The mutable T-square usually suggests an idea and people oriented person. Since you find it easy to get along with others, you have an easier time solving your problems, although indecision or wavering may be your greatest hang up.

With Uranus you handle things in your own UnilJlIl' way and The Stellium others had better not interfere, like 'preacher' Jim Jone::; who rfljo ed people to follow him into death. With Neptune you lIIay have Another very important configuration is the stellium. Here we find trouble seeing a situation clearly and might come to an imp:lHl'le, or three or more planets all conjunct each other.

These planets create your great imagination can help you succeed, such as film director their own emphasis and action, greatly enhancing the importance of Vittorio de Sica. With Pluto as the focal point you may use the drive the sign and house in which they fall. Comedian Richard flat chart consists of three or more planets in the 1st house in Aries, Pryor serves as a good illustration.

Because the 1st house is considered personal, a group of planets will You can see this in Hermann Hesse's chart. He has a mutable T heighten the focus on the personality and sense of self, producing such square with Jupiter in the 1st house opposing Mercury in the 7th and keywords as self-centered or self-absorbed. With so many planets both squaring Saturn and the Moon in the 3rd house.

Hesse learned pulling you in one direction, you are often quite one-sided and rarely to use the 9th house of philosophy and religion to great advantage. You frequently Take the time to study Joan Sutherland's fixed T-square. Because the stellium reflects that 1st house feeling, it also describes the appearance, no matter. Some famous people with stellia All three planets are in air signs, suggesting inspiration and creative are: Singer Della Reese and scientist Louis Pasteur who have cardinal ability.

In a way we have the reverse situation of the grand cross or stellia, actress Arlene Dahl and artist Pablo Picasso with fixed stellia T-square.


The three planets harmoniously interconnected need the and writer-philosopher Jean Paul Sartre and playwrigh1Jactor Noel challenge and tension of a square or opposition to be spurred into Coward with mutable stellia. Picasso's chart is on page The action. In 10th house emphasis on career well demonstrates Picasso's modus Farrah's case the Sun has an exact opposition to Pluto and Neptune operandi and rather egocentric, self-involved life. TheYod The grand fire trine confers much self-confidence, physical The yod consists of two planets sertile to one another, both quincunx activity, enthusiasm, a certain dramatic flair and a very outgoing a third planet.

As discussed in "Lack of Specific Aspects," quincunxes nature. Fire people are quite perceptive and can inspire others; they require certain adjustments or compromises; they are not the easiest usually aim high. Statesman Winston Churchill and actor Marlon aspects to manage, but in the case of the yod, the sextile gives you the Brando See his chart below both have grand trines in fire.

The grand earth trine people like material comfort, are In any yod the planet receiving the two quincunxes becomes the dependable, hard workers and can be quite intuitive. Possibly because focal point and that's where the action is. The need to act will arise the earth element is related to practical matters they are able to see through this focal planet or "finger," whereas the opportunity to act lies in the two planets that sextile each other.

Yet the "finger" Date April 3, Gauquelin eventually forces the individual into some sort of action. Since we are Long. If changes, adjustments or reorganization are not brought about, he could have mental, emotional or health problems. Yods are fairly conunon and here are a few famous people who have them: entertainer Frank Sinatra, Senator Dianne Feinstein, artist Vincent Van Gogh, see page 58 fallen hero Colonel Oliver North, singer Bruce Springsteen, see page actor Charles Chaplin, and Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru whose chart is on page The grand trine is the last of the major configurations.

As the word implies, a minimum of three planets is involved, each trining the other. Usually all of the planets are in the same element and we classify the trine, as for example in Farrah Fawcett's case, a grand lJ. See chart page 32 Her Sun at 13 Aquarius 12' trines Folk singer Judy Collins Here are a few other interesting configurations to think about: and actor Dustin Hoffman, his chart is on page 49 are two examples.

The Kite consists of a grand trine with one of the planets receiving The grand air trine produces highly idealistic and individualistic an opposition. If you draw a line linking the three planets in trine it people, but they are apt to drift and be subject to frustrations. With a will form a triangle.

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Now draw a line between the two opposing plan strong chart, they have excellent mental faculties, great ease and ability ets and connect the planets that each sextile the planet in opposition of communication and they like to influence others through ideas and and the result wililookjust like a kite. Farrah Fawcett has a kite. Her ideals. They dislike routine and menial work. Kennedy see chart on page 70 and composer George Gershwin.

The grand water trine bears the most creative potential. These people have the subtle and intuitive understanding of mass opposition between the Sun and Pluto gives her the awareness needed to utilize the trines and sextiles. The OJ30z Cautious, they only act when confident of the results. Water folks are as does major TV producer Aaron Spelling see Since water embraces all and knows no barriers, these his chart below. It implies six sextiles, linking the entire horoscope and when drawn visually, the result looks like the Star of David. The configuration would seem to suggest tremendous opportunities, excellent ability to communicate and a breezy and people-oriented attitude.

The danger in this configuration is the scattering of energies since too much versatility and opportunity is available. The Boomerang is a configuration coined by Joan McEvers The Mystic Rectangle is another interesting yet rare who kept watching its action for years before she decided that it configuration.

Why 'mystic' is a mystery, since it works on a very definitely worked like a configuration. It is a yod where the 'finger' practical level. It consists of four planets interconnected by two trines, planet has an opposition. Hermann Hesse's chart can serve to two sextiles and two oppositions. When you link them, the resulting illustrate. We discussed his yod with Pluto sextiling Venus and both figure really looks like a rectangle.

For example if you have Mars at quincunxing Jupiter. Please note that Jupiter opposes Mercury. This 14 Aries opposing Saturn at 20 Libra, trining Neptune at 16 Leo configuration does exactly what its name implies. The and sextiling the Sun at 19 Aquarius, you would also have Neptune jl' action for the focal planet, Jupiter, boomerangs to opposing the Sun and sextiling Saturn. At the same time Saturn. I through the sextiles, but ignore the quincunxes. This to work similarly to the kite.

See his trines and the opportunity of the sextiles in a useful 22 II chart below. What then is this final type? Using the horoscope of Hermann [2 52 Hesse page 43 as an example, we see that he had five mutable Lat. In other words, more mutability and water than any other quality or element There is only one mutable water sign in the zodiac: Pisces; therefore, Hesse's signature was Pisces.

This is not always eyjdent in looking at the chart. Yet, by arriyjng at thjs signature, we realize that Hesse would come across as and be very sensitive, intuitive, emotional, introspective, and any other words you wish to use to describe the Pisces feeling. Joan Sutherland page has six fixed and five water planets, giving her a Scorpio signature, which is not too surprising since her Sun and two other planets are in Scorpio, but this re-emphasizes her Scorpionic strength, fixity of purpose and quietly controlling nature.

See chart. That equates to a Leo signature 39 l5 and most certainly reveals Gates' flair for publicity and his ability to """ """ ,.. In such cases, we suggest that you use the Ascendant to break are the most occupied and the sub-signature will reveal which the tie. Hermann Hesse Following are a few indications of what you can expect from had predominantly angular planets with a majority in houses of each signature. Remember, the whole chart must be taken into relationships.

Therefore all 7th house one-to-one matters were very account, but generally this is an added insight into the person's important to him. Joan Sutherland has a sub-signature of six personality and behavior pattern. But when there is a signature, be sure to consider it. Cardinal Fire Aries This is the warmest, most active Review Question: Please find Farrah Fawcett's final signature combination, often finding you with a fiery temperament and a strong and sub-sib'llature and describe them.

For our answers see the independent streak. Appendix, page We also urge you to look at all of the other Cardinal Earth Capricorn Ambitious and social, it is horoscopes in this book and see if you can find some of the standouts. Cardinal Air Libra Social, usually courteous, you do best when interacting with others. Cardinal Water Cancer Solicitous, affectionate and sentimental, you are usually home and family loving.

Fixed Fire Leo You can be showy, strong-willed and individualistic and take pride in your achievements. Fixed Earth Taurus Set in your ways, fond of sweets, you revel in luxurious surroundings. Fixed Air Aquarius Constantly seeking knowledge, the unusual attracts you and you are a "people" person. Fixed Water Scorpio Intense, motivated and rarely deterred from your chosen path, you love to be in charge. Mutable Fire Sagittarius Outgoing, enthusiastic and idealistic, you can be a prodigious doer. Mutable Earth Virgo Orderly and organized, you enjoy taking good care of your health and body as well as rendering service to others.

Mutable Air Gemini Curious and ever willing to try something new, you are usually light of spirit and often versatile. Mutable Water Pisces Very sentimental and adaptable like a chameleon, you could be attracted to music and the arts. You may get an additional insight by using the house positions to get a sub-signature. Whereas the final signature seems to show a behavior pattern, readily noticed by others, the sub-signature seems to express inner feelings or needs.

To find the sub-signature, check if there is a preponderance of angular, succedent or cadent planets. Is there some special way that one must delineate a retrograde planet? But, how can a planet go backwards? For, after all, we know that in our solar system everything continues to move in an ecliptic forward motion. The retrograde planet does not suddenly reverse its motion and go backwards; it only appears to do so. It is apparent because as these planets decrease in longitudinal motion as viewed from the Earth , they appear first to slow down and finally to move backward.

This phenomenon can best be explained by thinking of two trains passing or paralleling each other. If you are sitting in the faster train, you will at first feel that the slower train is standing still, and then you will suddenly think that the slower train is moving backward. In Volume 1, lesson 3, we give you the speed of all the planets.

So at some point Venus will be the faster train passing the Earth. But from Earth it will look like Venus is first standing still and then going backward. Very unusual is appear to be the faster train while Mars will seem to slow down and Graham Nash's chart with six retrograde planets, see page That finally seem to have regressed in its path. We supply a few keywords to explain where the planet changes its angular position in relationship to the Earth.

Since we in retrograde motion differs from direct planets, but as always, we judge our horoscopes from the viewpoint of the Earth geocentric , we urge you to use your own common sense when delineating and think have to take this illusion into account and record this occurrence.

Retrograde motion is noted in three stages. As the planet Name Linda Ronstadt Source apparently slows down, it eventually becomes stationary. Then finally they appear to move Long. As the planet is ready to "turn" again, we observe a second stationary period, and then finally it appears to go direct move forward again. Be sure that you mark your horoscope with R retrograde or D direct and SR stationary retrograde when the planet seems to be standing still and ready to turn retrograde, with SD stationary direct when apparently standing still and ready to move forward again.

All of these different motions can be found in the ephemeris by checking a few days back and a few days forward. If you are using a computer, the retrograde R motion is always marked, but it is still a good idea to find out if and when the planet will go R or D or be SR or SD. In the early teachings of astrology, a retrograde planet was attributed with characteristics like debilitated, weak, unfortunate and other dire meanings. In observing retrograde motion in horoscopes, modern astrologers have found that these terms rarely apply. By using your own logic which we always urge you to do , you can analyze it for yourself.

If the planet is retrograde, it is not moving in its usual overt fashion. Therefore, its action will be less obvious, less open, and more inwardly oriented. In certain cases this can be a blessing; in other cases, it may slow down the outward process of maturation. If many ofthe personal planets Mercury, Venus or Mars are retrograde in the natal chart, the true nature of the person will be less obvious on the outside, because much of the action takes place on the inside. I l3T By the way - we did say "planets" in the very real sense of this term.

The Sun and Moon are luminaries, not planets, and they never If a I , planet rules the Sun, for example Mercury I , ruling the Sun in appear to be in retrograde motion. Gemini , Moon or Ascendant, the person may seem shy or evidence a certain hesitancy in facing new situations. The average horoscope has Mercury retrograde Mercury is the planet of reasoning ability, two retrograde planets.

When it is retrograde, the thinking Students ask what happens when there are no retrograde planets process seems deeper and more sensitive. There is some innate ability in a chart. All other things being equal, the person seems to be quite to relate to other people's feelings and thoughts making you less likely direct, outgoing and uncomplicated. What you see is what you get, so to jump to conclusions. Writers frequently have Mercury retrograde, to speak.

See chart of Linda Ronstadt on page Some people seem to have trouble explaining their Mars retrograde Mars is the planet of action, energy :llld motives or feelings and will retreat into silence, whereas others initiative. When it is retrograde, these people tend to be less competitive, become particularly adept at expressing their needs after they mature unless they're in competition with themselves.

Author tomorrow I must swim fifteen. These Child all have retrograde Mercuries. This way they can avoid pitfalls Venus retrograde This is the planet of affection, social urges and quickly catch up with the constant doer. When used negatively, and values. When it is retrograde, the individual is not always able to they may act hastily and then have to redo or retrace their steps. Just being demonstrative is difficult. The maturation process can be slow and therefore the approach to love could be immature.

Or the individual may take an off-handed Since the social planets are retrograde for four months and the attitude to love and romance and this can mark the nymph or satyr. Planets Linda Clark quotes and idealism. A rather than just accepting that which they were taught. They seek lsJ intuitive answers and find them deep within. They also have the ability Long. They often find avenues for expansion that others may overlook. Actress Carol Burnett, for example, has Jupiter retrograde in Virgo in her 6th house of work, ruling her 9th and 10th houses of ideals and career.

Carol took advantage of this by finding her own niche as a comedienne, but of course Jupiter conjunct Neptune helped her in this creative effort. Soprano Kathleen Battle and inventor Guglielmo Marconi are other examples. Saturn Retrograde Saturn is the planet of discipline, the teacher, and it governs the urge for security and safety. When retro grade, of all the planets discussed thus far, it is the prime example of free will and attitude. As its nature implies, a teacher can open up new horizons, make you buckle down and appreciate the resultant ,I discipline, or you can feel hampered, held back, and held down if you resent the teacher and fight the learning process.

In Saturn's case, it is not only the sign, house and its aspects that make a difference, but your own attitudes and actions. Therefore, when it is retrograde, it can have the opposite effect. Negatively used, you may feel insecure or even inferior, because y; : l 8 : 36 as you look within you don't like what you see. You seem to need constant to assess for yourself if you see definite traits these people have in encouragement and you lack the ambition usually innate in Saturn. From our own observations, we can only state that, since However, used positively, you will look within and at an early age Pluto is very far away and very erratic in its orbit, its effects are already be fairly clear as to who you are, where you are going, and usually felt at a later point in life.

You are more deliberate in attaining your goals in a quiet and unobtrusive way - but you do For a brief illustration of retrogrades in one of the main charts attain them! Some may consider you to be too serious; however, you do we use in this book, refer to the horoscope of Hermann Hesse See have a sense of humor, only it is self-directed. Authors Thomas Mann page Hesse's Jupiter is retrograde in his 1st house. Jupiter also and Maya Angelou, as well as politician Ross Perot have retrograde rules his Ascendant and, as his chart ruler, assumes great importance. If you read our description of a retrograde Jupiter, you will see that it fits Hesse totally.

Because it is his chart ruler, it establishes the basis Uranus Retrograde Here you are dealing with the planet of for his personality - always searching, always doubting those pat freedom, the awakener. When Uranus is retrograde, its inward direction answers, looking for that illusive something from the days of his early reinforces the urge to be different, to break the chains of tradition at youth. His Saturn is stationary, ready to retrograde the day after his an early age. The need to be special or unique is reinforced. The need birth. Saturn's station is relatively short - three days only.

It has a to achieve personal freedom, strangely enough, creates the urge to difficult position in Hesse's chart; flanked by Mars on one side, egging dominate others. Many politicians, heads of state, dictators, and social it on to act, and the Moon on the other, urging it to be emotional. How much domination they are able Saturn is stronger than either of these; it tends to hamper Mars one to achieve, of course, depends on the placement of Uranus in the chart; foot on the gas - the other on the brake , and it dampens the emotional it certainly helps to have retrograde Uranus in an angular house.

Moon, leading either to self-pity or a feeling of not being loved and Examples of political leaders with Uranus retrograde are legion: Adolf denied tenderness by his parents until Hesse discovered his 3rd house Hitler, "Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B.

Johnson, creativity Saturn in the 3rd sextile Pluto in the 5th. Mercury reasoning ability. We can understand that Hesse used the more negative attributes of Saturn as a young man. However, with Neptune Retrograde Neptune is the planet of intuition, illusion Sagittarius rising and Jupiter in the 1st house, he was able to find or delusion, and of spiritual awakening. Neptune's aspects take on himself and some of the answers he was seeking, and became more utmost importance when it is retrograde. If Neptune, by aspect, is certain of who he was and where he had to go.

He deliberately went foggy or clouded, going inward will not help to clear matters up. On after his goals and most certainly was able to reach many of them. Neptune, the inward action can produce tremendous personal insight; Mercury Can traverse a sign in as little as 14 days, but since any talent present at birth can be utilized easily and at a relatively 0 it is never more than 28 away from the Sun, it retrogrades early age. Many artists, composers, poets and religious personalities approximately 3 times per year, as if to get in line again. Venus is never more 0 Anna Freud, singer Marilyn Horne, scientist Marie Curie, composer than 46 away from the Sun and retrogrades approximately every 20 Johannes Brahms.

At these times it may take 2 months to go through a sign. Since Pluto is retrograde as much as six months out of the year, nearly half of all people born have it retrograde. The impossible to ascribe definite tendencies to the motion. You might try average movement is approximately 2 months depending upon whether it turns retrograde or not. Mars does not go retrograde every year. Jupiter As quickly as 6 months, or as slowly as 18 months, depending if it goes retrograde, which it does not do every year. The average motion is about one sign per year. Uranus requires approximately 7 years to go through each sign, during which period it retrogrades as many as 7 times, or about once per year.

Neptune Requires years to go through each sign, and it retrogrades about once each year, often for as long as 5 months. Pluto Pluto's orbit is so eccentric that it takes anywhere from years per sign. It required 25 years to go through Cancer, but only about 12 years to go through Scorpio. Pluto retrogrades about once each year and for about 6 months. The planets can go retrograde only when at a certain critical distance from the Sun. Here are these distances: Mars 0 Uranus 0. These two planets basically move faster than the being a perfect sphere, there is often a variance in house sizes as we Sun, so at certain times they seem to slow up or even move backward move north or south from the Equator.

When this happens some signs as their distance from the Earth increases. As a result, they never are found to be completely contained within a house; i. In latitudes of more than 50 north or south, two or 0. From this data you should note the following facts: more signs may be intercepted in one house or there may be two sets L Any planet that is in opposition to the Sun must be in retrograde of houses with intercepted signs. If one house has an intercepted sign, the opposite house will also 2.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, when trine or quincunx contain an intercepted sign. An interception widens the house in to the Sun, must be in retrograde motion. Mars when quincunx the which it occurs and therefore complicates the affairs of that house Sun must also be in retrograde motion. Occasionally, Jupiter when in because of the added signs involved. For example, in the horoscope of Farrah Fawcett see page 32 , the 4th and 10th house axis contains trine to the Sun may be in direct motion, but this is infrequent.

Mercury ruler of 3. Because of the variance of the planets' retrograde periods there will be certain years during which it is impossible for a person to be born Virgo rules the cusp of the 4th house; Libra is intercepted and thus without retrograde planets in their horoscope; example: Venus co-rules this house; and Neptune is actually placed there. When a planet is in direct motion, its distance from the Earth is delineating the 4th house all of these factors must be considered.

Thus, you can see that the delineation of a house that contains an intercepted sign can become quite complex. Review Question: Delineate Joan Sutherland's retrograde Mars Often, the house axis containing intercepted signs is the most and Uranus briefly. Please refer to the Appendix for our delineation activated axis in the horoscope. And, nearly always, it is the largest on page You may feel misundeTstood 37'. Compare this to her 2nd house, which contains onJy a little or out-of-step with your peers.

When you have learned to accept your own concepts, others may come to admire your gift for intellectual over 25, all in the sign of Leo. A person with a planet contained within an intercepted sign specialization. Scientists Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein see his chart may feel fenced in or heid in restraint, until they learn to usc the for,ce page and actress Elizabeth Taylor are some examples.

Then they can forge ahead at full Venus intercepted suggests that you seek love in an entirely steam. If the Sun, Moon, ruler of the Ascendant, or the ruler of the personal way and yOUI' love life may often be kept secret, sacred and intercepted sign is also intercepted, there may be some delay in getting hidden, or is held apart from all other phases of your life. On the other that area of the life started in the right direction. If, for example, in hand you may feel that you have never experienced real love, for Farrah Fawcett's chart see page 32 we were to discover Mars in Aries your idea of love is too intense and limited.

A creative outlet is of Aries in her chart is intercepted in her 10th house, it would be much great benefit. Tensions and frustrations must George Sand have this interception. So do Senator Ted Kennedy and be worked out, and often the best avenue is through the house the entertainer Barbra Streisand whose charts are on pages 68 and If there are no planets in the horoscope in intercepted signs, the Mars intercepted shows intense power and energy.

You might house itself needs attention. In Farrah Fawcett's chart, Neptune is the need a definitely ::;pecialized goal toward which to channel your only intercepted planet. It rules her 10th house of status and career. You possess the ability to make whatever you do Thus, one avenue for coming out of the interception is through the become a personal triumph.

Some examples are French singer Edith 10th house. Of course, the aspects to Neptune should also be considered, Piaf, actress Goldie Hawn and mystery writer Agatha Christie. But it probably took much longer to work out certain emotional problems Neptune Jupiter intercepted may indicate difficulties in early life and squares the Moon, ruling the Ascendant and located in the 12th house. You have a sense of value that is uniquely yours. When opportunity knocks you are capable of taking The Sun intercepted suggests you could be under restraint, advantage of it in a different way than your contemporaries would.

You need to find a special field or General Erwin Rommel, and magician Harry Houdini serve as good place in life to be comfortable and stand alone. Often there is a feeling illustrations. So do artist Pablo Picasso and entertainer Judy Garland of some lack within the self, and it may be harder for you to relate to whose charts are on pages 82 and Usually you are personally involved in matters pertaining to the Sun's sign and house and with dedication and direction you can go Saturn intercepted confers great sensitivity to other people's directly to your goals.

Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is an example of problems and an uncanny knack for solving them. However, things an intercepted Sun. So are artist Vincent van Gogh and dictator that upset others rarely bother you. You may be inclined to face your Benito Mussolini whose charts are on pages 58 and Wherever you find Saturn there is a tendency to hold back or an inclination toward congestion.

Therefore The Moon intercepted implies emotional intensification. Two examples are author Joyce Carol Oates and and at times even a speech impediment though other factors in actress Susan Sarandon. Also writer Hermann Hesse and actor the horoscope would be needed to confirm this. There can be some Dustin Hoffman whose charts are on pages 43 and When you do communicate emotionally, you can be very Uranus intercepted denotes a certain timidity of expression, effective and others will listen. Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart and particularly where originality is concerned.

There could be a fear of Prince Charles have intercepted Moons. So does singer Linda ridicule. Although you frequently are creative and idealistic, there is Ronstadt. These charts can be found on pages 70, 61 and So or communication fields; your values may be influenced by, or may does poet Emily Dickinson whose chart is on page Singer Clll'l', conductor Claudio Abbado and artist Peter Paul Neptune intercepted suggests a desire to avoid leadership.

Or, you might become a hermit or a dreamer completely introspective. If Neptune is angular, there is a strong need Third with Fourth A sibling may have taken a parent's place; to reach out to others and this should be encouraged. This is a very there could have been an unsettled early childhood with attendance at good placement for writers, musicians or anyone who works alone. So does actress Barbra venue.

Some examples are film director Louis Malle, artist Vincent Streisand whose chart is on page Van Gogh and actor Orson Welles whose charts can be found on pages 58 and Pluto intercepted shows that the life motivation is different from that which spurs others. Your need for action often comes from a Fourth with Fifth YOill' children probably love to come home; you group feeling as well as your giant need for approval. Regeneration is could be very creative around the family homestead, or may even be very important, and you have a deep sense of obligation to investigate an artisan who works out of your home.

Composer Jules Massenet and life thoroughly and completely, which you should be urged to use. Jeffrey MacDonald whose chart is on page Fifth with 8ixth You can work in a creative field and through Depending on which Table of Houses you use, the interceptions your work give service to young people for example - as a teacher , may change or in some cases even be eliminated. All the charts in this or you may work in sports or coach a team. Your work becomes your book are based on Koch Table of Houses. Sculptor Auguste Rodin, sports announcer and football star Don Meredith and skater Dorothy Hamill have this placement; so Linked Houses does Hermann Hesse whose chart is found on page Whenever there are intercepted signs in a horoscope, you will Sixth with Seventh You may prefer working with your spouse or find that two sets of houses are linked together because they with a partner, or with the public in general often in a service capacity.

In Farrah Fawcett's Your work may involve the law. Author Erich Maria Remarque, who chart see page 32 the 2nd and 3rd houses are linked together as are loved to live with or marry beautiful women and statesman Benjamin her 8th and 9th houses. Leo and Aquarius are the signs involved. In Disraeli have this. Remarque's chart can be found on page Hermann Hesse's chart the 6th and 7th and 12th and 1st houses are Seventh with Eighth You often go far in politics with the support linked with Gemini and Sagittarius respectively on the cusps.

The 8th of the public 7th. Saturn helps us grow through challenges and road blocks. He loves hard work and discipline. Squares can feel harsh. They create friction and force us to take action. The Sun will be heading towards the exact square with Pluto this weekend which will catalyze transformation in how we relate to power and self-identity. Pluto and Saturn squares can feel very heavy, intense, and full of challenges.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2020 Predictions

The sign of Libra seeks balance and harmony and this intense energy can feel disruptive to our balance. Balance is not a fixed state. Meet these challenges with integrity, diligence, and discernment. Saturn often hands out his rewards a bit delayed, and they are so amazing when they arrive. I recently listened to a podcast about the Limbo, a popular party game with unexpected origins in the funeral customs of Trinidad and Tobego. In the limbo, one bends backward to cross under a pole without touching it.

The podcast described an amazing video of Shemika Campbell, the Queen of Limbo, walking backward under a car carrying a tray with cups of water. But at some point, it must correct course by bending back the other way. The challenge faced by the Sun in Libra as it squares Saturn Oct. It forces Libra to choose a side, take a stand or direction …and then stick with it. The finality and commitment demanded by Saturn makes it hard for Libra to thrive, because Libra is keenly aware that there is no one way, no one side, no one truth. But Saturn in Capricorn proposes to set the Limbo bar permanently; so if you make important decisions as the Sun squares Saturn, be very, very careful about setting the bar too low.

Sun square Saturn today Square aspects can feel like tension or frustration, but they ultimately call for balance. If you are pushing yourself especially hard, you may need to let go of an unrealistic ambition, adjust your expectations, or ask for help. What are your long-term dreams? Do you dare to pursue them? Are you feeling tempted to give up too soon? This aspect also calls you to believe in yourself, as a way of tapping into your personal wellspring of self-discipline and drive to succeed.

Mercury is opposite Uranus and the Sun is square Saturn as we wake up to the new week. Take it one day at a time. October 7 — Libra Season, at its core, is a season of social connection. It teaches us that although we are individuals first, we live in a world filled with other human beings. How do we interact? Understand the needs of others?

They need to be strong. They need balance. If one person is always giving, for example, then the connection needs work to bring back into harmony. It's a day of accountability and commitment. It's even a day to decide if a relationship is going to last. Our actions as well as our encounters feel fated or charged. We're at a turning point in a relationship. You can catch the replay on my YouTube channel.

Click link in bio. And don't forget, you can book a consultation with me!

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Click link in profile to learn more about my services. Avoid miscommunications by being patient, flexible, and open minded. What about where you are now are you not so proud of? What could be improved? So with Venus on the final degrees of Libra today welcome positive partnership into your life that will inspire you and support you in your expansion. Find balance by staying true to your values and your idea of harmony looks and feels like. Today, the Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. The sun represents your ego, and in Libra, it's motivated by justice and harmony.

Saturn is the zodiac's taskmaster and disciplinarian, and in Capricorn, it's nose-to-the-grindstone, pragmatic approach to teaching you your karmic lessons could feel abrasive. Today's a day to go with the flow and not to get caught up in forcing your will on anything. Instead of being headstrong and trying to make everything go your way, embrace humility and curiosity. Acknowledge that what you need may look very different from what someone else needs. Today, live and let live.

Cancer May Horoscope ~ Darkstar Astrology

Sun in Libra is square Saturn in Capricorn, creating tension between self discipline and the desire to create harmony. Diplomacy can help resolve friction in business and creativity can help solve a business dilemma. Be mindful responsibilities to others and act with integrity. Venus is also in Libra, opposing Uranus in Taurus, calling attention to dramatic changes to the perception of value.

Unexpected twists and turns can impact finances now as well. Moon in Aquarius is triggering numerous aspects today. Squaring Saturn in Capricorn, finances, business and traditions are challenged by intense emotional reactions and the desire to break free from conventions. The Moon also squares Mercury in Scorpio, impacting plans and communication as well as travel. Is it best to follow tradition, or rebel against the status quo? Only time will tell, but chaotic emotions can lead to impulsive decisions, paranoia, and verbal confrontations. The Moon in Aquarius trines Mars in Libra, adding rebellious energy to partnerships.

Impulsivity and erratic emotions can bring drama or excitement to relationships. The Sun squares Saturn today, and the nodal axis yesterday. With Mercury also opposite Uranus, we might be full of ideas, but it needs careful focus to put them into practice. We are challenged to consider how the past informs our future and whether the structures we have built around ourselves have become too rigid. With cardinal squares and fixed oppostions continuing through the next few weeks, there might be some tension as well as opportunities for growth.

Because we all love those, right? Are things leaving or arriving in your life? Nothing arrives in life without something leaving. Watching an ending with wide eyes, or running towards anywhere out of fear. You might need to pump the breaks to change your course, or step it up and show your commitment. Where does your heart need to be?

Also, love you. Being a Capricorn Mercury means I can be literal to the letter. See also: Aside from my blood family, which chosen community do you think is more protective of me? Perfect post moonomens for today's Capricorn Moon, having conjoined both Saturn and Pluto. Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Nurture transformation in career. Financial issues may require revamping of plans, especially related to home or business.

Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn can draw attention to the need to work in tandem with a partner to finalize business or financial plans. Mercury in Scorpio remains in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Confront dramatic shifts in security. Change financial plans or perception of security and economic stability.

Moon in Capricorn squares Venus in Libra. Choices between preserving tradition or being open to new ways of thinking about and conducting business are reinforced by this. Sun in Libra squaring the Lunar Node calls for adjustments between individual desire for harmony and a calling to fulfill responsibilities in home and family. Saturn in Capricorn trine the Lunar Node in Cancer reinforces the calling to take care of business rather than remaining comfortable and complacent.

Register to 12andus. Discover yourself through detailed birth, transits and synastry charts readings. You would have this aspect. The closer the degree, the more intense the aspect. Order an advanced birth chart from me today! Check website link in bio for services and prices. Emotional foundations are being paved.

You can expect that your needs are being met with a seriousness. Bonds are going from a feeling to a reality. Limitations and restrictions make themselves known, but are not always a bad thing. It means your feelings are coming into form in a way that's recognized by the rest of society and upheld by laws and institutions. It's a great day to get married especially during Libra season! I witness your love, validate it, and celebrate it!

Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn sets the tone for emotional concerns regarding money and security. Use caution when it comes to financial plans related to business, home and family. Sun in Libra square Moon in Capricorn will call for adjustments for the benefit of family and partnerships.

Harmony and order are restored by attending to the needs of business or romantic partners. The Sun is square Saturn in Capricorn, leading to feelings of frustration and the need for self discipline. Business and financial difficulties must be addressed. Strive for harmony, balance and creativity to help solve practical problems. Urgency is felt when it comes to creating security in business and home life. Take calculated steps to nurture your mission. Sun in Libra squares True Lunar Node in Cancer bringing to light need for adjustments between personal mission and desire for comfort and harmony in partnerships.

Balance nurturing and creativity with personal goal fulfillment. Mars enters Libra, bringing restless energy to relationships. Repost by reposta. Partnerships and business collaborations face restrictions. Discipline is needed. This may spoil the fun and put a damper on creativity. Refine your mission, bringing out the best of your talents in time. Stretch beyond what is comfortable and explore the higher purpose of key partnerships. A burst of energy and competitive streak can exacerbate the challenging aspects between the Sun and Saturn.

Find ways to focus on common goals. Jupiter in Sagittarius remains in a square Neptune in Pisces. Deal with limitations realistically without losing faith. The Moon enters Capricorn and matters of emotional and financial security are in the spotlight. Nurture financial and business plans now. How were those dreams babes? Was it an epic romance with a new lover? An adventure to a mystical place? Did a frustrating female character appear to pressure or fight you?

Were you focused on an injustice or protecting something weaker than you? You might be thankful the Capricorn Moon has come in to cool this day down a little. Capricorn can help you get to WeRK. Check your Capricorn House to see where your strength is. Capricorn is hard working to a fault.

If you're struggling to get to the next level Cap energy can help you climb the highest mountains. Lean into that message and see if you can find the courage to take that leap, climb that mountain or jump off that cliff. Balance WeRK requires looking underneath regularly. Capricorns are really good with structure, foundation and integrity. We must allow things to break down in order to continue to build up.

Nothing is eternal. Today is offering you a unique opportunity to watch out. Research that area using your new tools. Trust that part of you is Capricorn; making you brave, capable and strong. You are safe, even when thing seem really hard or scary.

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  • How are they aspecting each other in the sky? How does this energy affect Us? We are living in some pretty intense times. When external events are confusing and out of control, sometimes the best we can do is Know Ourselves. Create a strong and resilient foundation within. And be brave and courageous from that space. The only thing we can really, truly change The Sun is in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn.

    Saturn builds structures; Pluto deconstructs them. Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth, it represents endings and beginnings. Pluto asks us to transcend, to redeem ourselves, and emerge stronger. It alerts us to a potent force — one that may be beyond our understanding but that at the same time cannot be ignored. Join me and discover where Capricorn sits in your chart and in which house Saturn and Pluto fall.

    This will give you insights of where the transformation is happening to you - where the old and rigid self has no other choice than to be transformed. I will explain what this means and guide you through your personal chart to bring awareness and also see the potential of this new beginning! Pluto turned Direct at the 20th degree of Capricorn; Void walks eternal. The God of Death and Decimation stands static on the obsidian skyline; a brimstone beacon of ashen reminders and dual dead echoes.

    Let this overtake you. Before this, there was only coarsened creativity, but ahead stands a plateau crafted in star-wise wonder and wilderness. Coral rebirth from the maws of serrated revenants. Beyond the empty, pale eyes of disgust stands verdant restoration, clad in all her excellence and elegance. Don't stop crossing this crippled grave-forest of splinters and sighs.