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Have faith in your future. You may develop a more independent approach to life in general — one based on your individual and unique, creative skills. In spite of current delays, you will shortly be able to see the value of such a course of action. But, then, patience is one of your better virtues! Consciously, your desires seem to be directed towards achieving the respect of your peers and status in the community. Yet I would hazard a guess that what really drives you is the desire for real emotional security and genuine approval from your family.

Travel and overseas connections are now assuming a much greater importance. Yet so is the need to achieve a genuine spiritual understanding of your life and the important direction you are currently taking. Probably it is true to say that, while some of you may be concerned solely with superficial financial arrangements, others will be dealing with profound questions, such as the value you put on your life as a whole. It would be an understatement to say that you can get your way in almost any area of human activity. Be sure to pay attention to every tiny detail.

Relationships with children should be much improved. On a deeper level, so will your understanding and appreciation of what the psychologists call your inner child, the source of your creative spontaneity.

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The young-at-heart will be taking the lead. Taurus horoscope November with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

This year — Uranus in your decan brings unexpected change, excitement, and uncertainty. You can express yourself in new ways as you feel less inhibited and more open-minded. Inner change can result in big changes in your life, from work to home and relationships. Unexpected events may bring anxiety and tension but also higher self-awareness.

October 22 to November 3 — Sun opposite your decan brings pressure from competitors or superiors who seem to make your life difficult on purpose.

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Step back from the situation that is causing difficulty and work out why you are getting these reactions. Think about what you are really trying to do, and if this is the best option. November 3 to 6 — Venus quincunx Uranus on the 5th increases your need for change and excitement in your love life.

You may experience a brief period of instability or drama in your relationships. Flexibility, open-mindedness, compromise and minor adjustments will keep a healthy relationship on track. November 17 to December 5 — Mars opposite your decan brings resistance from others if you are too selfish or assertive. It may feel like others are standing in your way or opposing your will so choose your battles carefully. A compromise or tactical retreat might be best. Exercise and hard work can relieve tension but avoid overexertion and risk-taking.

November 21 to 27 — Mars opposite Uranus on the 24th can cause outburst of anger, especially if resentment has been building for some time.

Impulsiveness and disregard of tradition can also lead you to break free of you responsibilities and obligations. Use patience, tact and strategy before reacting to provocation.

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November 25 to December 4 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness, affection, gifts and compliments. Inner peace and harmonious relationships make this a good time to relax or take a vacation. Extra charm, beauty, and popularity make socializing enjoyable and dating more successful. November 26 to 30 — Venus trine Uranus on the 28th brings the posibility of an exciting new romance or unexpected money. You will be seeking a different kind of pleasure so experimentation in the bedroom may be necessary to keep your eyes from wandering.

November 29 to December 4 — Venus trine Mars gives an increased desire for social contact and enjoyment. This is one of the best times of the year for dating because your soft loving side balances your raw sexual desire.


Taurus Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Existing love relationships should flourish or you could find your true soulmate. Taurus horoscope November is based on planetary transits to Taurus Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. All year — Saturn trine your decan brings steady progress and great achievements because of your patience, determination and a strong sense of duty.

Inner balance and focus stop you being distracted from your goals and plans. You are working hard on building safe and secure foundations for years to come. All year — Neptune sextile your decan heightens your sensitivity and ability to read people and situations. A strong intuition, psychic ability, and vivid dreams will bring inspiring insights leading to greater self-understanding and contentment.

Your relationships will benefit from greater empathy and a shared understanding. October 13 to November 30 — Saturn sextile Neptune climaxing on November 8 helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach.

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You will understand your own limitations but also be optimistic. Spiritual wisdom brings patience and self-discipline to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success. November 1 to 13 — Sun opposite your decan brings pressure from competitors or superiors who seem to make your life difficult on purpose. November 6 to 10 — Sun sextile Saturn and Sun trine Neptune together on the 8th help you set goals to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future.

It also gives the patience, perseverance, and strong work ethic to meet those goals.

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You will be determined to get practical results and make no mistakes. You can stay true to your spiritual ideals without sacrificing your own needs or level of comfort. November 9 to December 2 — Mercury opposite your decan is the most hectic time of the month when the increased tempo of life could make you feel anxious or confused. Listen carefully and explain yourself clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Think of others and compromise to avoid arguments.