February 23 lunar eclipse astrology

Integrating this T-Square into Trump's chart we note that it squares his Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer very closely.

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Saturn can represent control, but also fear. This aspect in his chart suggests to me that he has a fear of being unloved Venus and may react to any restriction of his will or his policies by being extreme, inappropriate and bombastic in response to those people or forces who are resisting him. This of course is highlighted by his feelings of restriction, leading to emotional outbursts that could at least initially harm the masses. It could also create an atmosphere that could bring about health challenges for him.

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Eclipses are unusual events. Even though we can know years and decades in advance about when they will occur, the fact that they occur so rarely each year suggests that it is difficult to predict what might occur specifically during an eclipse. We can make general assessments based on things such as the signs being affected and where the eclipse falls in a horoscope.

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In addition, it's difficult to determine how long the effects of an eclipse will linger. Some astrologers maintain that the effects of a full Moon lunar eclipse could last several months, a new Moon solar eclipse could last a year or more. Noting how early in the new administration that this transiting T-Square highlighted by the eclipses is taking place from prior to the inauguration until the end of March we could assume that his term in office will at least begin in a very rocky way.

This is not unusual for a new President. What is unusual is that the new President brings into office a history of erratic, extreme behavior. Putting a volatile person into a time frame of unpredictable events could be a recipe for inspired, visionary breakthroughs or absolute disaster that marks his administration for at least several months, if not a year or more. The good news is that with all the potential for unexpected upheaval this month, there is an abundance of energy that facilitates change. We can either stand by and watch changes wash over us, for better or not, or we could jump in and seek to be initiators of change.

We need, however, to avoid precipitous change that is born of reaction, fear or feelings of being unempowered. The transits at this time give us the freedom to just go do whatever. Full speed ahead. However, by exercising our free will, we can act with patience and deliberation. We can combine the inspiration of Uranus with the wisdom of Jupiter. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy. We can strive to clearly define a philosophy that activates our higher self and provides a conscientious sense of responsibility to our actions.

Integrating these qualities into revolutionary action can be a formula for implementing affective, beneficial changes both in our lives and those whom our actions touch. Aries March April 20 Aries: One of the strengths of Aries is its ability to courageously start new things.

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One of its weaknesses is its ability to maintain what it starts. This month brings an abundance of energy to get things going.


Growth for you comes from having the patience to develop a plan before diving into anything. Without follow through you could put a lot of energy into something and wind up spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

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Taurus April May 21 Taurus: Although you may normally prefer being methodical, the energy this month prods you to be spontaneous. One of the best ways to put this energy to work is through creative expression. Visual art is particularly supported, but anything that provides an opportunity to express yourself in new ways could also lead to new insights into the person you are. Gemini May June 21 Gemini: Lots of new information available to you this month. The New Moon on February 28 is an annular solar eclipse that falls close to 8 Pisces.

Solar eclipses occur at certain new moons when the Sun, Moon and Earth align so that the Moon eclipses the Sun.

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An annular solar eclipse is similar to a total eclipse but the Moon is too far from the Earth to fully shadow the Sun, therefore a narrow ring of light will be visible around the eclipsed Sun in the areas of the globe where the eclipse is visible. Solar Eclipses are essentially turbo charged New Moons that signify potent endings and beginnings.

Eclipses tend to be neutral energetically but they often bring to the surface whatever has been buried, hidden and repressed , especially regards the sign and house where the eclipse falls in the personal horoscope. Any personal planet that is conjunct [planets around 8 degrees of Pisces] or opposite [around 8 degrees of Virgo] the eclipse point will be in the spotlight. Eclipses can herald a crisis, but they also provide the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again.

This eclipse is conjunct the south node which has more a feeling of letting go and releasing. The shadow side of Pisces may be activated, suggesting that the potential for self-delusion and denial is here, as well as the potential for strong intuitive insights. Take some time out to tune in and to connect with your feelings, otherwise they may overwhelm you. On more esoteric levels, both Neptune and Pisces seek to open our hearts and minds to the transpersonal and imaginal realms and to re-awaken us to the power of our dreams and the power of love and compassion …to see all life forms as one.

The total eclipse path moves over the southern tip of both South America and Africa. In traditional astrology eclipses are said to be more powerful in the areas where they fall, but modern astrology takes a different viewpoint… they are potent whenever they activate key points in any horoscope. This eclipse fell on the same degree 19 years ago — February and may echo themes from that time.

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday January 31st, 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

Can you remember what was happening in your life then? This blue moon a full moon occurring twice in a calendar month is also a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, in the zodiac sign of Leo at 11 degrees. This is a trifecta triple threat, in the best way possible! Bingo, bango, bongo! Uranus in Taurus by Rebecca M. Aquarius New Moon by Morgan Garza Feb 14, Astrology This February, we only experience one lunation in the entire calendar month, and it is a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius.

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