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What made the accounts of their horoscope consultations all the more relevant and intriguing was that both Florence Harding and Nancy Reagan used it as a tool in their impulse to not only protect their husbands but attempt to guide their presidencies in a successful manner. Florence Harding standing beside the front porch of the Harding home in Marion, Ohio.

Perhaps no First Lady was more expert on the full gamut of the occult and believed more thoroughly in the mysterious powers of the supernatural world than did Florence Harding.

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Her campaign secretary Kathleen Lawler recalled how superstitious she was about otherwise seemingly minor details. Even in the White House, she became agitated if a maid placed a pair of shoes on a bed, which she believed could provoke bad luck. In her later years, Mrs. A later generation of those striving to idealize Warren Harding sought to justify his shortcomings either by using her occult interests to caricature her as an emotionally unstable burden on him and attacking those attempting to prove she was not.

Others went to great lengths to obliterate evidence or deny its veracity. A caretaker charged with preserving their personal objects, for example, later bragged about his disposing of her tarot cards found in the attic. A professor mad that her diary had been discovered which included occult references that contradicted his agenda asserted that it was a fake — until he was confronted with samples of her handwritten entries from it. The irony is that in their lifetime neither Warren or Florence Harding were ashamed by her integrating astrology into their lives.

Among the numerous astrologers Florence Harding relied upon during her life none was to play as large and public a role as Marcia Chaumprey. When Mrs. She then returned with three fellow wives of U. Senators, veiled for anonymity, and presented the birth place, time and date details of her husband, seeking to determine the viability of him making a run for the Republican presidential nomination. Marcia determined that Harding would be nominated and win the general election, but at the cost of his life.

The prediction did become a factor in Harding remaining through the primaries, through the power of suggestion, but it was not the sole determinant in his continuing on. Rather than deny it, however, Florence Harding embraced it, confirming her faith in astrology but making amused rather than insulted reference to the leak about the consultation.

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A wise reaction, it ended any controversy before it began. A l Liberty magazine illustration showing Madame Marcia working on the Harding zodiac chart.

The irony for Marcia was that the previous First Lady had also consulted her. When Edith Galt had first consulted Mrs. Chaumprey in , she foretold of her somehow becoming a member of a presidential family and living in the White House.

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Galt declared that if her prediction proved true that Marcia would be invited to the White House for further consultations and be permitted through the public entrance. Once the widow was wooed and married the widowed President Woodrow Wilson, however, she made Marcia slip in discreetly through the south entrance. As predicted, Warren Harding did die during his presidency. There followed what many believe is the most ghoulish of scenes to have taken place in White House history.

Both women were draped in black-veil, and Florence had the flag removed and the coffin opened so she could begin her monologue with the corpse, looking down onto his face, painted by a mortician. The global media went wild, headlines, crying that decisions made by the executive branch of the United States were dictated by readings of the zodiac.

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She had been prompted to enlist the professional services of San Francisco astrologer Joan Quigley upon the recommendation of their mutual friend Merv Griffin. The trauma which followed the assassination attempt on her husband created a need for some sense of control in the protection of her husband. Using astrology to determine which days seemed dangerous and which seemed safe for the President to make public appearances or travel seemed to be an extra level of caution.

A year after Mrs. The First Lady paid Quigley for her services, through the help of a third party and most of their consultations were conducted over the phone. The astrologer only came to the White House once, to attend a state dinner. It certainly offers a different perspective from those mentioned in this series of four articles. The younger woman had recently been to see a fortuneteller and reported back to her aunt the details of what was predicted for her future life:. Another account which helps to try and break down the multiple aspects of astrology whilst creating original zodiac memes.

How prescient she was in 1995!

Its effort to create original relatable content drawing from pop culture is notable. A lot of times astrology can get a bad rap for the incorrect assumption that it explains everything and your life is set in stone based on the stars. This account works to address these preconceived notions on astrology and its role in peoples lives while also having a laugh at the different signs. Go forth and fill your Instagram feed with accounts that cater to you by completely understanding how you feel about topics ranging from people to work based on where the stars were when you were born.

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