Virgo moon sign compatibility

This is what you teach others how to do: to live in the moment, to find joie de vivre in their current situation. What turns you on: Someone who helps you expand your mind.

Moon in Virgo // Emotional Virgo

Who introduces you to new concepts. What you need: To be trusted by your person. You want to be in charge of how you present to the world. And how you present which emotions to the world, and when. Scheduling emotional shit into your calendar? Sounds like something you do. What is your own personal awareness of your emotions like? Can you locate your feelings in your body at any given time?

It might be time to break out that journal and start getting in touch with the connection between your body and your emotions. What turns you on: Safety — which is to say, someone you feel safe with and seen by. What you need: Consistency — whatever that looks like to you. Aquarius moons are probably one of the most fearless moons of the zodiac, which is to say, you could legitimately give two fucks what anyone thinks. What turns you on: A sense of purpose, or calling, or vocation.

Aquarians are often called the humanitarians of the zodiac, and folks with Aquarius moons feel strongly about being emotionally connected to a community. What you want: Independence. Many folks in astrology take the easy road and say that your independent streak makes you more open to polyamory and open relationships.

Folks with strong Aquarian energy require the freedom to build their own kind of system, no matter their relationship orientation. You need freedom within whatever relationship system you are building with your partner s , who themselves have to be thoughtful and considerate and open-minded people. Sensitivity is strength. Pisces moons know this better than most; you feel more deeply and are more psychically in tune with this world than others are capable of grasping.

Your capacity for empathy is inspirational to those around you, but you also pick up on everything in your environment like whoa.

Virgo Moon Sign

Developing boundaries. Not feeling everything going around you, everything people put on you. It is not your responsibility, alone, to take on the cares of the world, or even the cares of those closest to you. Learning to filter out, and feel through, the various layers is a difficult road, but one that leads to deep and fulfilling relationships that build you up.

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What you want: Big, romantic gestures. Everyone loves to be appreciated, but you, more than most, appreciate the grand gesture, the one that is specifically attuned to your interests, the one that is over the top. What you need: Tenderness. Friends and lovers who are real with you and who understand you, and who, for this reason, can challenge you and push you while cherishing you. Who know how to be tough and tender at the same time. There are many places you can go, but to do your own chart, go to astro. To get the most accurate chart, you need your exact time of birth in addition to your date and place of birth; however, you can still do a chart without a time of birth.

Go forth and learn! You can read her horoscopes for writers at Electric Literature. She is currently working on a memoir. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. This is great!

Virgo Moon Compatibility

I look forward to more! Sorry, rambled, just excited!!! Ahhh Jeanna! So very excited for this series! For years I thought my moon sign meant that I was too drunk to GAF and started to moon people for laughs outa boredom.

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I do hate being corralled and I do love openly. Why keep it bottled up? And I love how you as a writer laid it all out. I am looking foreword to more. Loved this! I knew I was a Pisces moon Virgo sun, Gemini ascendent and I had a general idea of what that meant, but this gave me a lot more information!

Also thanks for the Time Passages recommendation! I have never related all that much to my sun sign Taurus and then I started reading into astrology a bit more recently and found out I was a Scorpio moon and SO much made sense. And this whole thing made me feel Extremely Seen so I loved it. That exactly.

So fun. I am a Capricorn Moon, Capricorn rising and have Capricorn all over my chart and yet I cannot relate to this sign at all!

Moon in Aries / Aries Moon Sign

I am terrible at concealing my feelings! I cry in public frequently and I hate it. I am not seen as a boss bitch but as someone people need to take care of.

Related: astrology lesbian dating relationships sex and dating starstruck. You May Also Like What a Time to Fail! You need to login in order to like this post: click here This is great! Log in to Reply. You need to login in order to like this post: click here Pisces moon feeling called out. You need to login in order to like this post: click here so excited for this series! Which means it's difficult to be with someone who isn't in sync with your Moon. Much like Sun sign compatibility , when your Moon is in an easy aspect to one or more of your partner's planets, you feel comfortable, safe and secure with one another.

Below is a handy chart that helps to further explain. Now, if you look at this chart and your Moon sign is not in a compatible position with the person you love, don't fret. This is where the aspects of the Moon in person A's chart to the planets in person B's chart become very important. AstroSeeker has a free tool that calculates planetary positions of both partners by sign and degree and shows their mutual aspects. Simply look for your Moon sign and see if it makes any of the following aspects to a loved one's planets. Aspects are usually measured by mathematical angles, but skipping the geometry and just using the astrological signs, there are the five major aspects astrologers look at in chart comparison.

The Moon and the Sun are natural companions in astrology , so it's a very good sign if they are in an easy aspect to one another. When they are at ease with one another, the Moon person relies on and trusts the Sun person's wisdom, spirit, and personal style, while the Sun person depends on the emotional support of the Moon person. If the Sun and Moon are in a difficult aspect, the Moon person is likely to find that the Sun person becomes overbearing and insensitive, while the Sun person finds the Moon person too temperamental, dependent, and emotional.

When two Moons are in an easy aspect, the individuals are comfortable with each other due to their similar tastes and emotional sensibilities. If two Moons are in a more difficult aspect, the individuals are not in sync and certain habits and idiosyncrasies each will make the other uncomfortable. When the Moon and the planet Mercury connect, communication is stimulated. In an easy aspect, a couple can enjoy long, intimate conversations, confide in each other, and share our inner feelings and thoughts.

However, with the difficult aspects, the Moon person is likely to find the Mercury person too nitpicky and too often detached, while the Mercury person can be irritated by the Moon person's sensitivity and mood swings. There is a strong need to be needed. You are generally the first person to offer a helping hand to someone in need. Others might see you as underachiever, especially Leo who are really outgoing. However, people lack the understanding that you have.

You are modest and seek a simple life. You are often happy with what you have.

What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Emotional Personality

You also do not need public attention or approval. You are happy working behind the scenes without bragging about what you are up to. People with Moon in Virgo thus also have a restlessness and nervous temperament. They are stuck in the now and do not see the bigger picture like say, a Moon in Capricorn would.

A Moon in Virgo native would find most comfort and satisfaction in a job, which involves micromanagement or detailed observation. Your way of expressing love would be quite practical.

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You would rather keep your private affairs private. While you tend to be a little introvert at first, once you open up to someone, you are anything but introvert. You make a very trustworthy friend, someone who can offer a practical advice without letting emotions take control of the mind. Your criticism and tendency to see everything from a practical angle, even situations that require emotional understanding could be maddening for a dreamy sign like Pisces.

You are most happy when your little world is manageable. Year