Virgo virgo cusp male compatibility

They may be artistically or musically inclined, and they may enjoy traveling. In fact, you face some not-so-fun and conflicting energy in your life. Leo is a Fire sign and Virgo is an Earth sign, which means there are contrary elements to your personality. The question is, will the fire in your heart be smothered by the Earth, or will it burn bright? Whichever way you lean, though, your personality will most likely be hardworking and passionate, especially when dedicated to a particular cause. Strengths : Hardworking, passionate, discriminating, positive, success-driven and honest.

These cuspers need to be careful of living a life of extremes — either bold and loud or silent and secretive.

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But if they can strike a balance between their extroverted and introverted sides, they will master the rare ability to know exactly when to speak up and when to remain silent. What they love: Getting behind a good cause. Leo is a loving and natural born leader, while Virgo is hardworking, detail oriented and devoted to helping others.

Together this is a persuasive cusp combination that is happiest when rallying a group of people in support of a great cause. And know this: They will succeed! What they need: Intimacy. Leo-Virgo cuspers must learn to share more of themselves with others, which will in turn help them get in better touch with their own feelings and emotions. They will go to 0 to real quick. They hate the feeling of being controlled. These cusps can be very stubborn on what they want.

This post is based information I have gotten from website and videos and personal experience. This is my first astrology post so sorry if this post sucks. The Virgin reflects the qualities of a virgin, rather than the definition: Virgos and Virgo cusps tend to be shy and somewhat nervous, and they may be undemonstrative. They are good organizers, and they tend to be popular, even inspiring. The natural leadership of these people and their administrative prowess help ensure that their projects are successful.

They are very good at understanding the deeper meaning of what others say. They rely on logic rather than emotion to make their decisions. Sometimes they exaggerate problems and overreact to stumbling blocks, but generally they are positive and their natural pride and stubborn streak keeps them from giving up.

Their warmhearted and outgoing personalities are fiery and abundant. They are cheerful and self-assured, and they are studious and sensible in business dealings. They are skeptical of extravagant claims and promises. They also tend to be very health-conscious. They are concerned with diet and hygiene. This interest in health ensures they take good care of their mental and physical selves. Their perfectionism and physical strength make them strive to excel in whatever sport they choose. They pick up on the little things that most miss.

Thoughtful gifts or unique solutions to problems are second nature to those with this astrological placement. Their commitment to helping others makes them one of the most giving characters of the zodiac. Keep reading. So, cusps are when you were born at the very beginning or very end of a sign.

You can only technically have one sun sign which is the sign that your birthday actually falls on, but some astrologers believe that if you were born close to two signs, you were born in a cusp and might have qualities of either sign or may identify more with one rather than the other. Learn more about the challenging Leo-Virgo Cusp! Being in a long in-depth conversation with someone who knows everything there is to know about Zodiacs.

They may have some awkward years before they decide how to focus their energies, but once they put it all together there is no stopping them. They seek to focus their energy on great achievements.

The Leo-Virgo Cusp in Astrology

People tend to be drawn to the charismatic personality of August 19 individuals, wanting to bask in the sunniness of their nature. August 19 folks often have a great deal of responsibility thrust upon them at an early age. Because their own experience as children is often less than satisfying, they are careful to give their own youngsters a considerable sense of security. Unless they have an extremely active lifestyle, these men and women can expect to put on weight as middle age approaches — or even before. They need to be motivated in order to commit to a regular exercise plan.

August 19 individuals are intelligent people with enough savvy to know how to make the best of their abilities. They have the canniness to understand that their personality can take them anywhere. Money has the potential to be a problem in their lives. They need to learn the lessons of thrift and good financial stewardship. August 19 people know they are talented individuals, but parlaying that talent into success may not be easy because of circumstances arrayed against them.

But these individuals are tough and will work ceaselessly toward goals. Once they achieve their dreams, they may be at a loss to find something to replace them. I have to say, the melodramatic Leo does a great job conflicting with the antisocial Virgo to create an incredibly passive-aggressive child. I think so! Like yeah sure why not. Stereotypically, Leos are cocky, love attention, and have firey and strong personalities, basically RainbowDash.

But the stereotypical Virgo is introverted, bookish, perfectionist, basically Twilight Sparkle. So a mix imo would create someone who enjoys adventurous and out-there things, is a natural leader, and has plenty of confidence to maintain these plans… if they plan accordingly and Pinterests the hell out of their special outfit of the day. Plus, my personality does not match a Leos at all. I put in my date of birth and time and everything, but on every website I used it said I was a Virgo. I was super confused and starting to get irritated because I knew my info was correct.

Strengths: Hardworking, passionate, discriminating, positive, success-driven and honest. Weaknesses: Critical, antisocial, manipulative, stubborn, quarrelsome and melodramatic. Advice: Leo-Virgo cuspers must learn to share more of themselves with others, which will in turn help them get in better touch with their own feelings and emotions.

It would work is all that matters. Today is my birthday!!! I think it really depends on how you feel. But do you feel you fit the description of the cusp? Do you have any Leo traits? Your Virgo side will be more dominant, anyways. I understand how you feel. But then there are the subects of the Moon and the Sun signs. For example, my birthday is July 28, therefore making me a Leo as I have previously stated. Being proud of your sign has nothing to do with self-centeredness. Leos positive traits are creative, artistic, loyal, and generous. Virgos positive traits are intelligence, practical, reliable, and modest.

And also, I like to look at astrology when it comes to my relationship with people. Its not the final say so but I find it true in most cases. Let me add in that I have always had great relationships with Virgos! A relationship between a Virgo and a Scorpio is a combination of star signs that are two apart in the Zodiac. Virgo and Scorpio understand each other well, and converse well with each other. They share a strong, faithful bond with each other.

The two signs prefer to spend time with each other, rather than with a lot of friends. Virgo and Scorpio are after fame and fortune. Both signs want worldly possessions and social status. They are both reliable, inclined to service, and helpful to their friends. Virgo are quiet and reticent, and Scorpio are more obscure. Because of their differences, both signs need to make compromises to each other. Mercury represents communication and perception, and Mars represents passion; they go well together.

The influence of Pluto adds depth to the relationship between Virgo and Scorpio. Scorpio are deep and passionate, and Virgo like this passion. Scorpio like the commitment and logical mind of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, and Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio are profound in character, and could react violently to situations.

They keep drawing back to themselves, but eventually burst out in fits of passion. Virgo and Scorpio want safety and steadiness, and this mutual want forms a devoted friendship between them. Virgo are plain and honest, and open up to others. Scorpio are deep and reserved, and attentive to concealed emotions and desires. Their relationship could get even stronger, if Virgo could realise this depth in Scorpio and understand the hidden meaning of their words and actions.

Virgo could instruct Scorpio that outward appearances are not always significant. Virgo is a mutable sign, and Scorpio is a fixed sign. Once they have established their aims and objectives, Virgo and Scorpio would stop at nothing to attain them.

If conflicts occur in their relationship, the virgin is more likely to make compromises and keep the peace. The adamant nature of the scorpion often causes the virgin to give in. The partners need to communicate freely and discuss their mutual interests and desires. However, they usually maintain an amiable bond, and arguments are very rare in the relationship. The most remarkable aspect of a partnership between a Virgo and a Scorpio is their ability to work as a team, once a strong bond is formed between them. The combined resolution and strength of Virgo and Scorpio make them an efficient pair.

Well, I always think that any match can last as long as both parties work to achieve their own particular balance, but there is far more to a relationship than sun sign compatibility. To understand more intricacies about the particular individuals, one should have birth charts done of both people, as the persons can vary from the stereotypical sun sign personality.

Cusp of Leo and Virgo Love Life

I sincerely got goosebumps reading it. Afterall, this situation is the s desire of both signs. If both can c the necessity of achieving c and and the requirement for the c of attention, this could be an m match. Be the c of one anothers universe, and there is also possible a big payoff. Aquarius is an Air sign, and Leo is a Fire sign. Air and Fire is extremely similar, and g j good together, i of gender. For more i a about s astrology related, p in the love category, e me at cwilli48 gmail. Honestly, this lion doesn't look like a leader of the pride. He seems desperate for attention and will play f g just to get it.

Don't stoop to his level. People like that are u p to life, and I would be ignored if I were you. Your husband p is blowing it out of proportion though.

Once a Virgo man s in on whom he's going getting married, he d well m it. A Virgo 'm not letting you go for anything. Trust me I know, I'm dating one. Anyways, just stay aware. The Leo s like a scrapper or a parasite.

Don't p him any mind. In Birth Signs g there exists a section that say to you to e your sign and s your p and s it say to you if you two are consistent or not. However, such things aren't always r on the money.. My wife is Aries and I'm a Scoripo. According to what I read on this website, we 'ren't compatible, but actually we 're very compatible. Sometimes one only has to take a o and see where love and luck take you. This is an overview.

Leo Virgo Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

That's p how it was appropriate. Not a h match, in my view , is, for those reasons. I'm a cancer, we 're kind of like virgos in that way. We just wish to be married, stay at home, do some dishes, have a kid or two, p go to Florida when we're old They wish to like, go to china Join a cult Can't speak for all of em though. In a nutshell, they'll just h one another. Itis like a e disaster. Although a Libra likes to p much and likes to be the c of attention,and a Virgo doesn't like to p alot They will s find that they have strong feelings for one another and see that they will not wish to let one another go.

Highheels does Virgo woman and libra m are consistent does Virgo woman and Gemini are consistent. MVP's ain't had nothing on my game!! Obviously your fiance 's seeing whatis going on and he's feeling h by it. Unless there exist a lot of other d that unite u- that 's not gonna last, p if he s signs of jealousy. If he gives u s time to make up your mind to be with him s it may work Good luck I'd find ways to gently let him know to back off if it's bothering you or your husband without hurting his feelings, because, Leoare , w to hold grudges and crawl into a cave if they feel dejected by s they t c about.

You should just be your self and not u horroscopes, if it 's working itjust works out, if it doesn't it doesn't. But if you t want my views, s these 2 signs are good as friends, not relationships, my very bestie is a virgo and I'm a leobut there 's been times when itwas just non h fighting, we kinda f over s things to. One of my guy f is a virgo, he's kinda f in personality, but he's super i in brains, and It went around that he liked me, and that he 's is envisaged to make a video for me or something, to d he w to be with me, to be honest, that kinda f me away, I know you t that leois love affection and sh!

Be very frightened.

Leo Virgo Cusp Man

I am a Virgo man in a r with a Leo woman. She a to be controlling, she's demanding, s and manipulative. I'm manipulative, too, but always and means towards a good It doesn't matter how strong you t you 're, it will t out to is a highly negative experience. I am a former Marine, represented a Drill Instructor, a prisoner chaser, and did bodyguard j in Atlanta, however , this Leo d me to b my head against the wall.